• Allison Abbott

    Allison Abbott

    Design Researcher and Strategist; never not learning, never not in wonder. Currently @alloydotus . Formerly @peerinsight , @capitalonelabs , UVa alumna. she/her

  • Lea Simpson

    Lea Simpson

    Founder of Brink, Team Leader of the Frontier Technologies Hub. Tech optimist and lifelong nerd.

  • Lydia Norel

    Lydia Norel

    Dynamic Exec. Assistant

  • Maggie Battista

    Maggie Battista

  • WBUR


    Boston's NPR News Station. 90.9 FM. Home of @WBURartery @CogWbur @CommonHealth @RadioBoston @OnPointRadio @HereAndNow @OnlyAGameNPR.

  • Tracie Cheung

    Tracie Cheung

    bay area - nyc - seattle - bay area. let's talk about #fashion #retail #tech #startups #coffee addictions.

  • amandahesser


    Co-founder of @Food52. Author. Former New York Times writer. Parent of twins. I live in Brooklyn, but not the cool part.

  • Lisa Baerman

    Lisa Baerman

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