Do I quit or just submit?

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

Forget the plans and focus on your preferences

The man who fell to earth.

A life of moving forward without looking ahead

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Changing one’s mind and changing one’s course is less of a privilege and more of a survival skill.

Unknown Source via Pinterest

Quit wasting your time waiting for passion and start pursuing curiosity instead.

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Because admit it, you’re kind of the worst sometimes

How to learn how to practice

Russell Markert & The Rockettes, 1935 (Courtesy of MSG Entertainment)

Clear eyes, full hearts…you know the rest

Photo by Martin Reisch on Unsplash

Finding creative productivity in solitude

Our mothers, our selves, and the #girlboss generation

We’re gonna make it after all…

Heather Eddy

Unreliable narrator. Newslettering at

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